January 17, 2014

Adobe Rolls Out Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5 For Technical Writers

Adobe Systems Inc (News Alert). recently rolled out the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5, an advanced and comprehensive toolkit for the technical writing community that comes with single-source authoring and multi-device publishing features. The newly launched product suite enables drafting of technical content by utilizing advanced XML/DITA authoring tools to comply with the technical communication standards and Document Type Definition (DTD) support.

In a release, Naresh Gupta, senior vice president for Print and Publishing at Adobe, said, “As companies realize the competitive advantage that technical documentation provides their products and services, it is becoming increasingly important for them to make high-quality, high-impact Help information available to customers faster than before. This release of our technical communication tools provides everything that technical writers need to create easily consumable, immediately actionable and readily accessible Help information for any device or platform – from tablets and smartphones to the Web and desktop.”

The newly launched Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5 features the upgraded versions of the entire range of Adobe’s authoring tools suite that include Adobe FrameMaker 12, Adobe RoboHelp 11, Adobe Captivate 7, Adobe Presenter 9 and Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. Adobe FrameMaker 12 and Adobe RoboHelp 11 offer a multichannel HTML5-based publishing tool coupled with user-friendly authoring tool provides a powerful solution supporting nearly 17 output formats including EPUB 3, MOBI, HTML5, PDF and CHM amongst others.

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, Adobe Presenter 9 and Adobe Captivate 7 consolidate eLearning, demo creation and active video presentation capabilities to provide unprecedented functionalities for the entire range of applications for the technical communication. The Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5 features easy functionalities for use by help authors, policy authors and instructional designers in addition to core technical writers.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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