January 17, 2014

Genuitec Adopts Java EE 7 Platform Into MyEclipse 2014

Genuitec now includes the Java EE 7 platform from Oracle (News Alert) into Genuitec’s MyEclipse 2014 workbench. Programmers can seamlessly incorporate Java EE 7 into their project and then easily deploy the application to Glassfish 4, Tomcat 8 and Wildfly 8.x, the popular server platforms MyEclipse 2014 already supports.

In a release, Brian Fernandez, product manager for MyEclipse at Genuitec, said, “MyEclipse 2014 was specifically designed to coincide with the richer functionality of Java EE 7, while bringing higher productivity and a deeper integration of HTML5 into your development. Now customers can use Java EE 7 enabled mobile tools offered in MyEclipse 2014 to push productivity further and write cross-platform HTML5 apps.”

The latest version of MyEclipse 2014 is loaded with full specs, new editors and enhanced libraries to support Java EE7. The additional features also include JavaScript support enhancements, new color themes, enhanced Spring Tools including fixed bugs and improved Maven support. MyEclipse 2014 features predefined libraries and wizards on the lines of the new standards in JEE, thus making integration of Java EE 7 easy for developers, providing them with an opportunity to focus more on design using the complete suite of MyEclipse Tools.

The programmers can add Java EE 7 support to open-source tooling, custom applications and Eclipse plug-ins in MyEclipse 2014, by leveraging the integrated prototyping and designing features. MyEclipse 2014 efficiently integrates the advanced Web and mobile app development technologies, allowing Java developers to use an efficient application development framework. The platform also integrates other Java EE 7 supported tools such as Ajax, Websockets, Jason and HTML5. 

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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