January 17, 2014

Bomgar Upgrades Remote Support Solution

Bomgar recently upgraded its remote support software, adding a host of new capabilities for integration with Microsoft (News Alert) Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and enhanced support for devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android. The new version, Bomgar 14.1, also supports mobile presentation clients, HTML5 chat support for desktop and mobile devices, improved prompts and notifications, in addition to various configuration enhancements for supporting customer endpoint devices.

In a release, Troy Harrison, VP for Product Management at Bomgar (NewsAlert), said, “Bomgar makes the tech support process a more streamlined and secure experience for both the support rep and end-user. Our enterprise customers need the ability to provide first-rate, customized support experiences, while keeping all of their end-users' information secure. We're making this even easier to do with the new features and improvements in Bomgar 14.1.”

The new feature supporting RDP integration allows the support team to start a RDP session from within the Bomgar Representative Console from either the same or a different network without having to open the firewall. Bomgar routes all the RDP sessions through its appliance-based system to enable auditing, collaboration, reporting and centralized management of RDP sessions, which have limited possibilities in a native RDP session.

The new version also supports a chat session with HTML5 users allowing for chatting capabilities to be integrated with a knowledgebase, website or a support portal. Further, support organizations can extend chat services to mobile device users and also launch chat support from any website without requiring flash or Bomgar mobile app to be installed on customer’s device. Additionally, the latest version enables the users to attend presentations via Bomgar client customized for iOS and Android (NewsAlert) devices. The users can pan and zoom during a presentation session and chat with the attendees or with the presenter.

Bomgar 14.1 uses browser technologies specific to platforms, thus allowing for faster connectivity. The license usage feature triggers an alert to administrators when a support engineer faces limitations due to unavailability of licenses. The support representatives can set-up visual prompts and audible alerts for notifications from Bomgar Representative Console, thus ensuring no notifications are missed-out. The security permissions for support sessions can be customized to meet the security requirements of specific scenarios, users or the end-point devices.

Bomgar is engaged in providing remote support software and associated solutions to enable organizations to provide enhanced tech support. The users of the company’s software can initiate a remote support session to support any device using any operating system located anywhere in the world.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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