January 23, 2014

Animated GIFs Are Making a Comeback

An animated GIF, as the name implies, is an image file that depicts some action on a web page. These image files store the information of multiple images and display it in a defined sequence to create an illusion of movement. These GIF images were once popular because they limited the size of files which made it ideal for slower Internet connections. This way, people with dial-up connections could also see the same web page as those who had high-speed broadband connection.

Over a period of time, GIF images lost their charm. They came to be associated with annoying flashing text or flaming logos used by Internet marketers to capture the attention of the audience. As Internet marketing evolved, this idea of using flashy text and images were dropped, so animated GIFs are making a comeback. Currently, designers are using animated GIFs on art, brochures, emails, web content and for ecommerce and the results are superb.  This revival of animated GIFs have brought back life into website images. When used cleverly, it captures the attention of users and makes them appreciate the creativity of the designer.

With the advent of HTML5, animated GIFs have got a further boost. Earlier, the disadvantage with animated GIF images was its large size when compared to that video. This is why a lot of designers preferred to opt for the latter. However with HTML5, it is easier than ever before to upload a GIF file directly to the website or to convert it into a HTML5 video using Gfycat. HTML5 also give users the option to play the converted video faster or slower, pause it when they want and even a choice to load an animated GIF.

Therefore, animated GIFs are making a strong comeback, thanks to the growing interest of web designers and HTML5 technology. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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