January 27, 2014

YCD Multimedia Reinvents Digital Signage with HTML5

Advertising in a digital age means more than just plastering signs on billboards and paying for various banner ads. For companies to really make the most of their visual advertising campaigns, they need to combine the real world with the Internet, in order to create interactive digital signage that integrates both media forms in one. Modern digital signage includes the incorporation of real-time statistics and metrics that can rapidly adjust to changing circumstances. In order to help businesses reach this goal in the near future, YCD Multimedia developed the Cnario|Suite 3.7 that does exactly this and more.

The Cnario|Suite 3.7 is the perfect solution for interactive signage, as well as a fully-programmable interface. YCD Multimedia designed the software to adjust to any sized display as a canvas, and even has options for multiple outputs on different displays, which is a clear advantage over competitors.

One of the most coveted features of the Suite is the integration of HTML5 content support, which gives marketers more control than ever before over their digital signage. According to YCD Multimedia's vice president of product management, Eran Sharon, “Users have repeatedly requested HTML5 content support. With version 3.7, we believe we have one of the most capable HTML5 implementations in a digital signage product.”

Sharon goes on to describe the power attainable with the HTML5 compatibility, noting, “Users can not only deploy pixel-perfect HTML5 content from the smallest tablet to the largest multi-display installation; they can fully exploit our entire framework to enable their HTML5 applications – from sequences and play logic, to metadata, real time monitoring, and control.”

In addition to support from multiple displays and CPU processors, C-nario|Suite 3.7 even supports multi-touch interface for unparalleled interactivity. In combination with other features like Video VoIP, users could connect directly with company representatives through some of the most unique and creative digital signage installations ever seen.

How might your company change if it had access to interactive advertisements with pixel-perfect resolution on any size video wall? Only time will tell, but this technology will help YCD Multimedia usher in a new age of interactive digital signage.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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