January 27, 2014

FlipHTML5 Revolutionizes Online Publishing

FlipHTML5 marked its official debut last week and is expected to revolutionize online publishing platforms, enabling users to create free, pure HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery digital interactive content, covering a broad range of subjects and materials. The platform also provides jQuery magazine creator functionality for offline publishing of magazines on PC.

“All one needs to do is to first convert his or her publication in a PDF format before importing it with the FlipHTML5 flipbook maker,” the company said. “After that, the desired medium template in which the final document will be published is chosen, and just like magic, at the push of a button, out come in mere minutes the desired publication. Besides, users of our free platform can very easily manage their publications so that people can view them their PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android (NewsAlert) devices.”

The powerful Flip platform has been designed to enable users to self-publish online content such as magazines, shopping guides, e-newsletters and user guides—just to name a few. The platform offers unlimited opportunities to support the imagination of users for online publication of content, thanks to the flexibility of its HTML5 base.

With this new platform, users do not need a website to publish their content. Even without a Web server, the platform features Free Upload Online Service functionality, enabling creators to upload their content instantly from any device. Users can securely store their creations with Amazon S3 and easily upload and access their content, as well as share it with multiple users without any requirement for FTP or other Breakpoint transmission protocols.

The easy-to-use platform provides a three-step process for uploading content. Users need to create a PDF file and upload it to the platform. Next, the PDF file is converted to the flipbook format, and lastly, the user needs to adjust the settings as per his or her preference to set the content online. After these three straightforward steps, users are on their way to publishing all kinds of content—for free. 

Edited by Alisen Downey


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