January 28, 2014

Telerik Makes Building Multi-platform Apps Easy

One of the most difficult tasks developers face is choosing a software platform, whether a Web app, a native app, or a hybrid of the two. Telerik has released a new platform that lets developers target all three at once.

“Mobile development isn't a 'one-size-fits-all' challenge. Telerik understands that every application is different, with different goals and requirements. Developing experiences the right way requires a platform capable of adapting to these differences," Telerik CEO Vassil Terziev, said. "We believe the days of trying to deliver mobile app strategies in isolation with 'silver bullet' frameworks are over. The new Telerik Platform delivers the end-to-end tools and services developers need to support a modern adaptive development strategy. And unlike competing offerings, it allows developers to integrate a single module into their existing infrastructure and adopt the complete platform as their needs grow."

Developers can target almost any platform currently in use, whether on the desktop, on mobile devices or on the Web. Telerik supports iOS, Android (NewsAlert), Windows Phone, and Blackberry. They also have a choice of programming languages, including PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and Java JSP.

The platform also comes with a set of cloud services to make development, testing and deployment of apps easier, as well as manage users and perform analytics.

Platforms come and go, so it’s important for a developer to be flexible in terms of platforms they target. iOS dominates mobile devices and Windows still dominates desktops, but there’s no guarantee that this will stay the same forever. The graveyard of failed companies that stuck to outdated platforms should serve as a warning. Lotus 1-2-3 remained wedded to the MS-DOS environment and the company struggled as users moved onto Windows and ultimately Excel.

Telerik’s customers appreciate the value of targeting multiple platforms.

"The Telerik Platform is the very first and most comprehensive platform we've encountered that allows us to empower our developers to create world-class apps that span multiple devices, operating systems and technologies," said Chuck Cooper, senior vice president of enterprise architecture and CISO at Paylocity. "With the Telerik Platform, our developers can confidently build robust and engaging cross-platform apps without limitations. We're also impressed with how seamlessly the Telerik Platform integrates into our existing developer workflows and environments. Telerik is changing app development for the better and our developers couldn't be more pleased with its new platform."

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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