February 03, 2014

Amazon Makes It Easier for HTML5 Developers

Amazon has been working hard over the last few months in order to make its Kindle Fire app store that much better. The company has been working with partners like GameSalad to boost the native applications that are available through the app store since October. Now the retail giant is taking another step by letting HTML5 web applications charge the same kinds of fees as the native applications.

Even better for the HTML5 developers is the company has said it will start offering these HTML5 applications as part of the “Free App of the Day” promotion. That of course means that the applications are accessible for free for one day, but they are also something that will be put front and center for those looking for the next great app.

Amazon took the rather large step of opening up its application store to HTML5 developers over the summer. This allowed those developers to quickly turn their web applications into something that could be featured on Android (NewsAlert) devices.

The best news for the web developers is that they aren’t being made to package up their applications special for the Kindle App store. Instead, they merely submit the URL of their HTML5 application to Amazon and the retail giant does the rest of the work. The company will package the application in such a way that it will be mightily attractive to people looking for a great application.

The retailer has been attempting to directly take on iOS and the Apple (News Alert) App Store by letting more people have direct access its own application store. While developers are still looking to make applications for iOS far more than Android, there are a growing number of HTML5 developers popping up all the time. Being able to set their own prices for these applications will also make working with Amazon that much more attractive for HTML5 developers. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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