February 03, 2014

New Services Support Xbox and PlayStation HTML5 Games

With the global gaming industry valued close to $100 billion annually, there is always a new player (pardon the pun) trying to break in the sector. Because creating games for today's platforms is a very expensive proposition, the cheapest way to make a name for yourself is by making the games more accessible using up and coming technology. Two new sites, one for Xbox named Xobxie and another for PlayStation named Sonified, are making a collection of games crafted with HTML5, available for free.

Both sites are developed by the same person, and the goal is to use the console's browser for delivering the games. Xobxie, which stands for Xbox and IE (Internet Explorer), and Sonified are able to access the Internet, which means HTML5-based games can now be played on the consoles.

According to information on the sites they are trying to encourage developers to create games that will use the console controllers.

Gaming on HTML5 is seen as an affordable alternative to cloud. Delivering gaming in cloud technology is expensive and difficult to scale, which has resulted in the demise of two startups that were supposed to change the ecosystem, OnLive and Gaikai.

HTML5 is seen as an alternative, but the quality has been questioned in the past. With WebGL powered HTML5, browser-based games are now able to compete by gaining access to hardware acceleration just like in native games.

By leveraging the computer power on the user side, it reduces the costs associated with cloud gaming, which relies on a much more expensive server hardware. This maximizes the local computational power available locally and doesn't require high bandwidth during gameplay.

The beauty of HTML5 is it runs in the browser, thus eliminating any compatibility issues or the need for special client software to be downloaded and installed. Game developers can publish their games on any website and make it available to the world without any special equipment.

Once HTML5 is standardized and available on all browsers, the future of gaming on this platform is going to be much brighter and the consoles wars might well be a thing of the past.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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