February 07, 2014

Onsen UI 1.0 Custom Elements-based HTML5 UI Framework Unveiled

Technology, in every arena, keeps evolving. Catering to the dynamics of the technology world, many applications (app) were, and are being, written. One among such apps is the hybrid app, which is similar to a native app but runs on a mobile device.

The hybrid app is developed using web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS (NewsAlert) and JavaScript. It generally runs inside a native container, and utilizes the device’s browser engine to render the HTML and process the JavaScript locally.

Developing/coding of such apps is challenging. Consequently, developers spend most of their energy in developing its functionalities and tend to ignore front-end (user interface (UI), or user experience (UX)) of the app. This results in bland looking apps that do not appeal to users.

In an effort to address this hitch, Japan-based mobile Internet engineering company and creators of Monaca HTML5 hybrid app development platform, have developed and launched a new custom elements-based HTML5 UI framework for building the front end of mobile apps.

With Onsen UI 1.0, developers need not sacrifice UX for hybrid development. For the reason that, it utilizes a cutting-edge custom elements-based framework to build appealing HTML5 and hybrid apps.

Eliminating all the annoyance that comes with cross-platform apps, the new Onsen UI 1.0 is equipped with app operations that have a native-like UX with smooth animations on cross platform PhoneGap/Cordova apps. In addition, developers will be able to customize hybrid apps in the cloud in a huge way with the help of JavaScript and CSS.

Apart from featuring a powerful custom elements-based framework, this new cross-platform HTML5 development platform also features: multiple themes, native-like design that can be customized; multi-screen responsive design; supports Android (NewsAlert) 2.3 and up; supports iOS 6 and up; and more.

Available for free under Apache open source license, the Onsen UI 1.0 provides developers and designers with multiple benefits, in general, due to the custom elements. It also comes with Topcoat and AngularJS, confirmed Monaca.

In addition, the code is easy to read, since each tag (NewsAlert) name has meaning, thereby easing the development of ann app’s UX.

"We're very excited about the release of Onsen UI 1.0," said Masahiro Tanaka, CEO of Monaca, in a statement. "Monaca is committed to helping developers create high performance hybrid apps in the cloud more easily, by eliminating all the headaches that come with cross-platform apps. With Onsen UI 1.0, developers won't sacrifice user experience for hybrid development."

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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