February 11, 2014

Unisource Unveils New Version of Visionship G3 Transportation Management System

Unisource is a company that works with a strategy to acquire and combine third party logistics service providers and logistics technology providers to deliver a cost effective Cloud-based SaaS (News Alert) solution for the global logistics marketplace. Also, through its operating subsidiary, Visionship, the Company develops specialized, patent pending logistics software.

Visionship G3 is its Transportation Management System which proactively tracks each client shipment regardless of shipping method all in real time. By creating a paperless ecosystem, the Visionship G3 actively manages all information received from carriers, vendors, warehouse or even shipment on the in-transit.

Unisource Corporate Corporation recently released its next version of its Visionship G3 Transportation Management System that enriches the user experience with improved reporting, a more intuitive user interface and HTML5 browser compatibility.

"We are continuing to enhance Visionship G3 to deliver the most efficient and accurate global transportation management system. This cloud-based platform enables real-time data entry and access anywhere. Our latest release incorporates comprehensive feedback from customers, vendors, and IT engineers, and provides HTML5 browser ability compatibility, faster database response times, intuitive automation, active screens, better visual and standardized format and better reporting tools,” Bill Wood, president of Visionship, said in a statement.

Wood also believes that with the new user interface, the company will now be in a position to more effectively empower managed intelligence that can improve all historical aspects of transportation management systems for its clients.

As soon as a customer logs into the system, Visionship automatically takes each user's focus to digital areas of instant and critical information specific to their needs. Whether the user is in operations, accounting, management, sales or procurement, Visionship graphically displays what is relevant and important to each user right on the home screen in a customized, intelligent and novel way.

Launched in July 2013, Visionship G3 has rapidly attracted clients in multiple industries, including chemical/hazardous waste, consumer goods, telecommunications and transportation.

“We believe our latest user interface will further indoctrinate our customers," Jordan Serlin, chief executive officer and chairman of USRC mentioned.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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