February 11, 2014

Sciforma 6.0 Brings HTML5 Architecture

HTML5 is finding ever increasing ways in which the programming language can help people do everything from access applications from any device to play video games on their browser or mobile device.  Sciforma is one company that has worked hard to take advantage of everything that HMTL5 has to offer. In doing so, the company announced the release of Sciforma 6.0.

The platform’s sixth iteration does all that the first five project and portfolio management solutions offer with the addition of a better mobile experience and a single sign-on for users across a huge array of different platforms. The company says that most of the new features that 6.0 offers were made possible because it made the change to a framework based on HTML5.

By using the programming language, the company can offer up more personalization and customization of parts of the solution like the dashboard. Users also have the added benefit of an input screen for the timesheet. The inputs can now be better changed and shifted depending on the client’s needs.

By switching over the HTML5 backing, Sciforma 6.0 allows users to do about 70 percent of their total tasking using a tablet or “thin client” computers. The firm said in a recent statement that it is working hard in order to get the functionality to 100 percent in the very near future.

The best project management solutions are those that can be accessed and edited from multiple locations, whether those locations are in offices 20 feet away, or countries thousands of miles apart. The single signon feature allows for clients to have easier access. The HTML5 component means they can not only access the solution from multiple locations but also from multiple platforms.

Those kinds of changes to Sciforma 6.0 will make the solution stand out in a crowded market quite a bit more.

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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