February 13, 2014

Frost.IO Names Fourth Monkey Media As New Development Partner

Frost.IO, a cloud gaming technology provider, recently announced Fourth Monkey Media as the new development partner under Unity2HTML5 Developer Partner Program. Fourth Monkey Media, which is a multi-media company based in Nova Scotia Canada, will now be able to access to the highly sought after Unity2HTML5 GDK beta.

By using Unity2HTML5, millions of existing game developers can create their native games targeting iOS, Android (NewsAlert) and desktop. With the Frost Unity2HTML5 Toolkit, they can also target modern web browsers, desktop and mobile, using the same assets, leveraging their existing skills with the Unity workflow and the powerful C# scripting language. The cloud based design allows developer and publisher to deploy and track games across the social graph. Gamers should be able to engage game content 24×7 from anywhere and share their experiences live or on the long tail as easily as YouTube (NewsAlert) or Instagram.

"We've been inundated with thousands of requests to join the early beta program for Unity2HTML5 and while the careful selection process continues, Fourth Monkey Media stands out from the crowd" said Brian Strachan, President of Frost Technologies. “We deeply appreciate the overwhelming interest in Unity2HTML5 from the community and are prioritizing the first few partners with Unity and hard fought HTML5 publishing experience to make sure that what we are delivering adds the maximum value and exceeds expectations. Fourth Monkey Media has the HTML5 battle scars to show and they, with a number of others, will be key to helping the shape the product as we head towards the Spring launch."

"The Fourth Monkey team has been committed to helping us across our Frost technology platform from the day we started the company," stated Strachan. "The quality of their work and deep HTML5 skill set will be key in helping tune Unity2HTML5 for development studios of all sizes."

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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