February 13, 2014

Smith Micro Software Launches MotionArtistTV

Smith Micro Software (News Alert), Inc. Productivity and Graphics Group has launched its social multimedia platform MotionArtistTV, targeted for artists, animators and graphic art enthusiasts.

With cutting-edge HTML5 animations, MotionArtistTV is the web's free source for creating and viewing interactive stories.

"Digital storytelling and interactive graphic novels generate a massive amount of interest and excitement among artists, animators and fans," said Steve Yatson, vice president of operations for Smith Micro, productivity and graphics group, in a statement.

Yatson said that the integration of content creation applications and web distribution tools allows any graphic artist to produce and publish their work.

“With MotionArtist, we made it easy for digital artists to add motion to their comics and photos. Now, using the power of HTML5, MotionArtistTV enables all users to create interactive stories and engage audiences with unequaled control and clarity," he said.

Officials with Smith Micro Software said that MotionArtistTV, a free web portal that is immediately available to the public, allows budding artists to join an open-submission community for animated HTML5 graphics. After members create a login ID, they receive a personalized profile for posting their own content and following favorite artists. It also offers facility to the members to view, like and comment on other members' work.

"Having worked extensively with interactive graphic novels, I see great value in Smith Micro's new MotionArtistTV platform," said Brian Haberlin, co-artist and co-writer of the multimedia, sci-fi adventure saga, Anomaly.

"As the artist community continues to grow, having a free, convenient resource for posting your content is invaluable. The ability to 'like,' 'comment' and follow other members is extremely beneficial, empowering artists to build a professional network, gain feedback, and discuss trends in the innovative multimedia space," said Haberlin.

Recently, Smith Micro Software, Inc. announced a partnership with Panasonic (NewsAlert), a global player in reliable business technology solutions, to address mobility management challenges for customers.

Panasonic will team with Smith Micro to offer enhanced wireless security, connectivity, data traffic and device management solutions to a variety of enterprise, M2M and public sector markets.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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