February 14, 2014

Spil Games Releasing Over 1,000 HTML5 Games in 2014

There’s very little doubt that as we move further into the 21st century, HTML5 is becoming more popular all the time. While there are a ton of different uses for the programming language, gaming has nearly claimed HTML5 for its very own. Mobile gaming in particular loves the tech because it allows for developers to make one application that can be put on desktops, tablets and smartphones no matter whether they are Windows, Android (NewsAlert) or iOS.

Spil Games is one company that is getting set to rely heavily on the programming language. Eric Goosens, the CEO of Spil gave a talk recently where he said that his company will have released more than 1,000 HTML5 based games by the end of 2014. Spil has already put together a little over 200 HTML5 based games. Goosen said his company is licensing about 100 games a month or building them internally.

A thousand games in a year is a pretty ridiculously high number, especially for a company not as well known as Microsoft (News Alert) or Sony. Spil has always worked on producing high quantities of games. Until this year, almost all of its more than 5,000 titles were published using Adobe (NewsAlert) Flash and were geared towards women and young girls. All of those games are published on the web and none of those titles work on tablets or smartphones.

Goosen admitted that having almost entirely Adobe Flashed based games wasn’t good for the company moving forward but pointed to the fact that early HTML5 based games weren’t very good. Advances in the technology, along with more developers being interested in the architecture has made gaming in the sector quite a bit better.

Goosen says that his company has invested quite a bit of money in HTML5 development. Spil actually set up a $5 million fund in order to finance the huge library of HTML5 games. Some of the games appear to be remakes of its flash games, such as 1001 Arabian Nights. Goosen says the HTML5 version is better than the original.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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