February 18, 2014

HP Access Catalog Tries to Change How Enterprises Deliver Mobile Apps

In the wake of the PC market’s decline, many PC makers have branched out into the mobile market as a way to keep revenue flowing. For some, this means releasing tablets or smartphones, while others delve into the areas of BYOD and enterprise mobility. Hewlett-Packard (News Alert), meanwhile, has pursued both.

Aside from the ill-fated HP TouchPad, the company has also experimented with Windows and Android (NewsAlert)-based tablets. In terms of enterprise mobility, it released HP Enterprise Cloud Services Mobility, which has been touted as a new approach to mobile device management (MDM), but it isn’t stopping there.

Indeed, HP has launched the HP Access Catalog, an enterprise app store that aims to transform the way enterprises deliver services to mobile devices. This is evident in the offering’s very code as it is based on HTML5 and is integrated with SAML 2.0, enabling a high degree of security as well as greater cross-platform flexibility.

According to Dragan Milanovich, VP of HP Web Services, the catalog is a way to create a “best of breed” app store. In other words, when an enterprise submits an app aimed at the finance department, HP will then distribute it worldwide via CDN, while supporting the app with a back-end authorization mechanism that ensures only the appropriate people can access it.

“As organizations embrace mobility, they need a simple, secure and reliable mechanism to manage the delivery of apps to their employees,” said Milanovich in a statement. “The HP Access Catalog provides enterprises with a robust, flexible and easy-to-use solution, making it easier for users to be productive on their device of choice.”

Of course, thanks to the HP Access Catalog’s HTML5 base, it is able to support pretty much any platform, whether desktop or mobile, except for legacy BlackBerry (News Alert) which is apparently a bit difficult to handle. Meanwhile, the catalog is able to help the delivery of native or HTML5 apps.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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