February 18, 2014

Ericom Software’s AccessNow 3.1 Optimizes HTML5-based Clientless Remote Access

Ericom Software a specialist in developing application access and desktop virtualization solutions unveiled new Ericom AccessNow 3.1 that optimizes HTML5-based clientless remote access to Windows applications from anywhere and from any device. The company provides application access, virtualization and RDP acceleration solutions.

Eran Heyman, Ericom Software’s CEO, said, “AccessNow 3.1 continues to cement Ericom's position as the clear leader among browser-based remote access solution providers. With Ericom AccessNow, the vast majority of end-users and IT staff have all the reasons to reap the benefits of a secure, mobile, zero-overhead web client, and very few reasons to rely only on native RDP and other remote access clients.”

The new browser-based remote display protocol boosts productivity and efficiency significantly. It delivers secure and easy access to desktops running on Windows terminal Services / RDS, physical and virtual desktops and on VDI platforms like VMware View, Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect and Citrix XenApp besides others.

According to officials the AccessNow 3.1 performs optimally as a device-specific RDP client and is powered by pure HTML5 technology. The solution does not require any download, installation or configuration of any software on the end-user device. IT admins and helpdesk staff and other users can benefit from the simplified process, lower maintenance and support requirement.

In addition to increasing productivity and enhancing user experience the video will be more clear and smooth with a better rendering engine. Users can work at interactive speeds although they are performing resource-intensive, graphics-rich tasks. AccessNow 3.1 also features enhanced compression and acceleration capabilities that suit the latest release of Ericom Blaze version 3.1.

The release includes time zone redirection feature which employs client time zone in remote applications or desktops. Also print screen functionality can be accessed in the remote session via keyboard shortcut. Further enhancements include support for additional touch and tap gestures like hold and swipe to drag an object besides improved multilingual support.

Recently Maxwell Unified Networks picked Ericom Blaze as a solution to accelerate its RDP-based infrastructure. The Ericom Blaze solution is designed to enhance remote desktop display performance by up to 10 times over slow network connections and WANs.

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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