February 24, 2014

The First HTML5-powered Virtual Desktop Launched By dinCloud

dinCloud, a cloud service provider that helps businesses take their current network systems and migrate them to the cloud, has announced it will be offering its first ever HTML5 powered hosted virtual desktop.

In a nutshell, HTML5 is a specific computer code that is used for structuring and presenting content for the Internet. It’s the fifth revision to the system and with it came numerous upgrades for developers and companies alike. HTML takes advantage of three computer codes, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS (NewsAlert)), which deals with presentation and what the user views, HTML, which is like the basis and provides the structure for the software to be built, and JavaScript which takes all of the code and puts it together into something usable for the average computer user.

Why does this all matter? Well when HTML first came out all it could do was basically build a single homepage on the Internet. Now, HTML5 can be used for everything from writing applications, connecting websites, creating multi-layered software, and create eye catching graphics. Big change.

With dinCloud creating the first virtual desktop using HTML5 it basically blew the minds of all the computer geeks around the world.

“HTML5 is the latest standard for how web browsers communicate on the Internet and is quickly making browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer, a single pane of glass for voice, video, instant messaging, collaboration, virtual desktop, and other functions. HTML5 offers many APIs which allow companies to take their innovations to the next level – something that dinCloud has done with webHVD,” said Walid Elemary, vice president of engineering and product development at dinCloud.

“We took the number one rated hosted virtual desktop (dinHVD) and leveraged HTML5 to create a truly unique DaaS offering that snaps in easily, while delivering the performance, graphics, and functionality that small business users require.”

There will be barely any setup time, no equipment or software that needs to be installed. The service can be up and running within minutes and offers a virtual private data center that can be used to manage authentication, software-defined networking, storage, and computer power.  

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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