March 03, 2014

Sencha Unveils New Touch Extensions for Windows Azure

Sencha, a provider of HTML5 development solutions for both desktop and mobile applications, released the new Sencha Touch Extensions for Windows Azure. This initiative, launched by Sencha and Microsoft (News Alert) Corp., will allow developers to build mobile applications within the Sencha Touch mobile framework.

These applications can be integrated with Windows Azure mobile services such as mobile data, authentication and push notification services.

Vibhor Kapoor, director of product marketing at Microsoft, said, “Windows Azure mobile services provides capabilities that are integral to HTML5 developers and that let them add a scalable cloud backend to apps in minutes. Sencha Touch Extensions for Windows Azure connects app developers to tools that help them rapidly deliver the mobile apps that are powering today’s mobile workforce.”

The new Sencha Touch Extensions for Windows Azure is expected to provide easy-to-use tools and frameworks for developers for the rapid delivery of high quality applications across the enterprise. Windows Azure is a cloud platform that enables the building, deploying and managing of applications on a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Developers can now connect with the Azure mobile services API to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations on data service tables. There is also no need to write, configure and test custom authentication systems. By copying over the App ID and Secret for Facebook (NewsAlert), Twitter, Microsoft, or Google account, developers can authenticate their users easily.

Michael Mullany, CEO at Sencha, remarked, “By delivering Sencha Touch Extensions for Windows Azure to our developer community, we are expanding the ecosystem for developing powerful HTML5 applications. Through seamless API design, users can quickly tap into backend services supplied through Windows Azure Mobile Services, which will lead to stronger applications with expanded capabilities.”

The visual app builder Sencha Architect 3 was released by Sencha in November 2013. This major upgrade addresses one of the primary pain points for enterprise developers, extending hundreds to thousands of corporate apps to hundreds of mobile and desktop devices. With the new version of Sencha Architect, developers and designers now have the fastest and most efficient means to build apps that work on the most platforms and devices by leveraging HTML5 and Web standards.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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