March 04, 2014

MadCap Software Enhances MadPak Suite with HTML5 Support

MadCap Software, a provider of multi-channel content authoring solutions, has released the latest version of its premier MadPak technical authoring suite. This version features a number of significant enhancements, as well as six fully integrated, XML-based products for technical communicators. In particular, the newly updated MadPak suite includes release 10.0 of the MadCap Flare, release 6.0 of MadCap Contributor and release 7.0 of MadCap Analyzer.

Like prior releases, MadCap Flare 10.0 offers single-source, multi-channel publishing. This time around, the software boasts several new features, such as responsive design for HTML5 Web and mobile browsers, slideshows, 20 new templates for print and online content, support for OpenType fonts, Eclipse integration, expanded source control and enhanced import functionality.

MadCap Contributor 6.0 and MadCap Analyzer 7.0, meanwhile, support Flare by allowing for editing, reviewing and contributing to Flare content, in the case of the former, or analysis of Flare content in the case of the latter.

“Our latest version of MadCap Flare ensures that authors can create a single HTML5 output that gets right-sized automatically depending on and regardless of the user's device or browser, and deliver print documents in a range of formats, all while cutting the time required to create and deliver this content,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap founder and CEO, in a statement.

Flare, the star of the MadPak suite, is MadCap’s flagship software for single-source, multi-channel authoring and publishing. Version 10.0 allows authors to create a single HTML5 output that is designed to give users the best possible experience on any type of device. In other words, this HTML5 content will automatically adjust to the appropriate size, whether being viewed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

In addition, the latest Flare release features a new HTML5 skin editor, making creating and editing skins easier than ever. This editor supports a different media type for each category of device — desktop, tablet and smartphone — while a built-in preview window allows authors to view changes in real time.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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