March 05, 2014

Accusoft Releases Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint 2013

Accusoft released its latest version of SharePoint with HTML5 capabilities. Accusoft is a company whose main goal is to provide the full spectrum of document, content, and imaging solutions. Currently, the company offers everything from applications, toolkits, support, resources, and more.

With its latest release of Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint 2013, the company is able to give users the ability to integrate HTML5 documents seamlessly into its program. HTML5 is a markup language used for helping developers structure and present content for the Internet. It’s the latest version of the language, which aims at creating a standardized process for programs such as flash, websites, and even apps for smartphone devices.

This new program can change the way developers learn, creative, and develop. Prizm Content Connect can be integrated with any programming language, as it supports all servers, works on all modern browsers, has full international language support, can be used to standardize on PDF, and has flexible content display and layout controls.

Some additional features include: document search, thumbnail previews, over 300 document files supported, conversion of PDF and SWF, no additional installations, offline conversion support, full screen view, multi-tenant conversion, real time viewing options, watermarking, JavaScript events, enhanced security, customization, and distributed content and central processing.

“With the advent of mobile and the range of devices in the market proliferating in the Enterprise, our clients have a pressing need to support the ever-increasing variety of document formats in any browser on any device, at any time,” said Joseph Giegerich, president and managing partner of SharePoint solutions developer Gig Werks in a statement.

“Accusoft’s seamless integration with SharePoint 2013 delivers this badly needed requirement to our clients via an HTML5 viewing experience that is intuitive and fast for users while driving enormous cost savings for the Enterprise,” Werks stated.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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