March 10, 2014

HMTL5 Game Developer TreSensa Gets New Capital in Funding Round

Mobile game developer TreSensa closed a recent round of funding, collecting more than $2 million—thanks in large part to the exciting opportunities its working with HTML5 has brought. With the successful funding round, the total amount of money the company has raised in the last few months is now more than $3.5 million, according to industry website TechCrunch.

For the past few years, HTML5 has been gaining ground based on its versatility, most notably in the game developer community. Despite the fact that there are a number of people who still prefer applications dedicated to either Android (NewsAlert) or iOS, the people number of supporters moving to HTML5 continues to grow. TreSensa is trying to stay ahead of the pack with its development of HTML5 games that can be played on the Web or on any mobile device users choose.

The company has been working on gaining support from a number of financial backers over the last few months, and a new deal with HBO will likely help the company with that goal in the coming months. While TreSensa tends to work with independent producers, this most recent deal will see the company launch an HTML5 game based on HBO’s popular series “True Blood.”

There isn’t a ton known about the game just yet, but because it will be made using HTML5, it will be able to bring in as many players as possible—because players will be able to access the game using their iPads, iPhones or any number of Android mobile devices, in addition to more traditional desktops.

Among the investors to help with the latest funding round were Caribou Asset Management, Jason Glickman (NewsAlert) and Andrew Reis of Tremor Video, Ben Barokas of AdMeld, and David Pecker of American Media. Part of the deal lands a seat on the TreSensa board of directors for Caribou principal investor Michael Elkins.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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