March 17, 2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Furthers Mobile Expansion with Appixia Acquisition is a cloud-based Web development platform that has gained a lot of steam over the last year. For the most part, Wix helps users create media-rich, HTML5-based websites, but lately its focus has expanded to Web apps and mobility. For example, the company began helping convert websites built with its platform to mobile automatically.

This week, Wix took this expansion one step further with the acquisition of Appixia, a platform for building native mCommerce apps. Terms of the acquisitions were not disclosed, but it isn’t expected to have an impact on Wix’s non-GAAP operating results.

Even putting aside the fact that the acquisition directly supports Wix’s mobile expansion strategy, while allowing it to increase the overall depth of its platform, Appixia and Wix make a good fit. That’s because both companies provide code-free solutions that help small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to build their online presence. In Appixia’s case, the platform lets retailers profit from the benefits of having a native mobile app more quickly, by reducing the cost and complexity of development.

"Appixia is the perfect addition to the Wix platform. It truly embraces our mission of bringing the most function-rich and innovative technological solutions to users, regardless of their technical ability or budget," said Avishai Avrahami, Wix's CEO, co-founder and chairman, in a statement. "Native mobile apps are a huge part of managing and promoting a business online. Expanding the range of mobile solutions we provide our customers with is a strategic focus for Wix, and by integrating Appixia's technology we can more quickly boost and further diversify our mobile offering."

The Appixia platform allows users to build and launch feature-rich native mCommerce apps for iOS and Android (NewsAlert), in turn allowing them to capitalize on crucial features like push notifications, barcode scanning, location-based services and credit card scanning, to name a few.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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