March 17, 2014

Codium Labs Announces Offline Pages Pro Update

At times, even the savviest Internet users may find themselves without access to the Web or wishing they could access webpages without siphoning their mobile data plans. For these reasons and others, Codium Labs created Offline Pages Pro, a Web browser that allows users to access downloaded websites on their mobile devices while they are offline, and this week Codium announced that it updated its flagship software to version 2.0.1.

Codium designed Offline Pages Pro with the WebKit browsing engine, the same core that powers Apple's Safari and once powered Google (News Alert)'s Chrome. The software is capable of rendering modern HTML5- and CSS3-based websites and then downloading the components of such websites for future use. It can grab documents, picture galleries, and video and display them as if the user was interacting with the website in its live form.

“As opposed to Instapaper, Pocket, and other read-it-later apps,” a 2013 AppChasers review comments, “Offline Pages Pro can save entire websites along with their images and lower level links. That means you’ll get an offline experience as if you were online.”

The software also supports security standards such as validating websites that require login and password information. It can even track scripts and hidden frames that the user may not have known were present.

The update to version 2.0.1 includes a redesigned interface, including enhancements to its full-screen mode so pages look more like they would if the user was online. It now is able to render most features of HTML5 websites and can handle websites that rely on login information from the user. The program is now capable of downloading up to 50,000 pages per website and can automatically update page changes without manual intervention.

It also allows users to sort and filter lists of their downloaded sites either through customizable folders or with subject tags; the software also marks each site with the date it was downloaded. In addition, users can enable or disable Javascript and can instruct the program to download or ignore media such as images and videos.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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