March 17, 2014

INTRALOT Launches Live Sports Betting App Using HTML5

INTRALOT Italia, the Italian subsidiary of Greek-owned gaming and lottery operator Intralot—a well-known sports betting and interactive gaming services site to state-licensed gaming organizations worldwide—has recently launched SportsMobile. The new product utilizes HTML5 innovations developed by Intralot Interactive, the firm’s gaming platform, which capitalizes on sports betting; it will allow players to access pre-match and live sports betting via their mobile device, as the post explained.

SportsMobile, which was introduced last month at ICE Totally Gaming Expo in London, is one in the firm’s series of innovative mobile-first products, with further attractive patents pending that will focus on global operations and enable Intralot to capitalize on its extensive sports betting global footprint. For mobile users, SportsMobile is expected to enrich the gaming experience.

The company’s interactive gaming platform, which has had interactive slots gaming content via iCasino Slots since 2012 in Italy, ensures cross-channel compatibility according to the Group’s Universal Gaming Experience framework, according to George Zenzefilis, INTRALOT group chief product and services officer. 

SportsMobile’s launch will address “the Italian market needs and players’ new preferences,” added Emilio Iaia, chief executive officer of Intralot Italia. Intralot Italia launched its first mobile services in 2011, with the new INTRALOT mobile website created shortly after; now, Iaia affirms, SportsMobile will satisfy the needs of a wide range of users on the go in offering them the chance to bet on all major sports events and all events live. He described the addition of SportsMobile as an important element in the company’s strategy to grow its integrated gaming portfolio and business in the Italian market.

Those in Italy interested in the mobile betting app can find it available for iPhone (NewsAlert) and Android. SportsMobile is sure to give Intralot Italia a competitive advantage in the Italian market will also contribute directly to customers’ efficiency, says Iaia, while at the same time contributing to the company’s profitability and growth. 

Edited by Alisen Downey


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