March 18, 2014

Perceptive’s HTML5 Search Update Offers HD Document Views

Even though search technology has advanced considerably over the past decade, it still takes a considerable amount of time to find documents that have been archived in the database of an organization. Depending on the volume of data and how it was archived, the process can be as simple as typing in one word or going through volumes of information to find a particular item.

Making the documents available so they can be seen clearly can go a long way in expediting the search process. The 10.3 update of the Lexmark Perceptive Software is designed to improve its Enterprise and Workgroup Search products by delivering high-definition views of documents in the search interface.

The new update will provide the documents with all the formatting, images and styles preserved by presenting it in HTML5. This will give users full set of document controls showcasing pagination and near- pixel perfect renditions using the high definition indexing of the HTML5 viewer.

The fidelity of the search results can be set by administrators with different levels of standard text, standard XHTML and high-definition HTML5.

The document can be viewed in a thumbnail to ensure the search criteria is the correct one. This allows the user to continue along the right path instead of wasting time by going through each page to find the right document or documents. The platform allows organizations to integrate high-performance search with new connector options capable of accessing content in Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Exchange 2013, and Symantec (NewsAlert) Enterprise Vault 10.

"Perceptive Search 10.3 empowers users to make quicker and more precise search selections. Built on an enterprise- and workgroup-focused, highly secure platform, new features in Perceptive Search 10.3 further enhance the quality, transparency and fidelity of search results," said Brian Anderson, chief technology officer of Perceptive Software.

Perceptive Search provides tools for searching valuable information inside every document, file and email generated across an organization. The technology it uses can find the data whether it is in content repositories, email systems, network shares, intranets, websites, databases, social media and more with class-leading content discovery and output technology that unlocks valuable content no matter where it exists.

The Perceptive platform is able to extract more meaning and insights from the organization's content and add value by mining, analyzing and providing critical actionable content. By promoting document accessibility and collaboration, organizations will now be able to mitigate business, legal, compliance and security risks. Controlling the content from the moment it is created or captured allows Perceptive to avoid the difficulties that come with unstructured information.


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