March 26, 2014

SOFTPRO’s HTML5 eSigning Allows Completion on any Device

In today's digital world eSignature technology is an essential component for organizations to finalize deals and approve documents no matter where or how the signature process takes place. It is now possible to click-to-sign or capture a handwritten eSignature with a pad, tablet, or smartphone whether it is in person, on a mobile device or during a web-based session. SOFTPRO, a globally recognized signature management company, has added HTML5 support to its SignDoc Web platform allowing users to eSign on smartphones, tablets and PCs without the need to download a plug-in.

The new HTML5 standard allows developers to create applications in which the browser becomes the tool for performing many different tasks. This means users will not have to download and install plug-ins to play audio, flash, video and games.

Using HTML5 organizations can now sign for any process requiring signed authorization without the burden of having to install additional software on the device of the person whose signature is required.

According to SOFTPRO, the process is extremely simple. It only requires the user to log into their account so they can sign the documents that are presented to them entirely online on the device in which they accessed the form for their authorization. It also makes it possible for organizations to offer the service for customer facing transactions on premise. Whether there is a web application or not, a tablet or another mobile device can be used to carry out the signature process.

The SignDoc Web platform allows users to:

  • Implement click-to-sign or handwritten eSignature processes using a single eSignature platform
  • Verify an eSignature’s validity using only PDF Reader. No additional software is required to be purchased and maintained in order to verify the esignature.
  • Insert esignatures of different types (handwritten, click-to-sign, photo, or wave file) in one document
  • Customize the esignature stamp to include your logo, preferred font, date & time, IP address and more and embed a photo, taken at the time of signing, in the signature field
  • Use any electronic signature capture device, including pads, tablets, and smartphones. Convert your iPhone (NewsAlert) or iPod into a signature capture pad with the Sign2Phone App

"Organizations who want their customers to eSign online, need a no-friction solution. HTML5 enables us to offer the ability to implement a straight-through esigning process to be completed on any device: PC, tablet or smartphone," said Rodney G. Vesling, President of SOFTPRO North America. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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