March 26, 2014

Will Become the Next YouTube?

Brid Video, LLC recently announced that its new website was up and running. The Belgrade, Serbia-based company seeks to leverage cloud and HTML5 video technology while giving its users access to an SEO-friendly platform and making watching videos a more social experience.

Setting up an account with is easy; it’s free of charge and all you have to do is supply an email and password and respond to an email verifying registration. At this point, you can add a website for to link to or add videos. Users can then setup monetization for their videos and Google (News Alert) Analytics reporting. supports many of the standard formats and protocols for video files and streaming. MP4, webM and FLV files can be uploaded and run on the site. Adobe (NewsAlert) RTMP, Apple HLS and HDS streaming protocols are also supported.

On the surface, it would appear that is nothing more than another attempt to duplicate sites like YouTube or Vimeo (NewsAlert), but it has significant features that set it apart from those sites.

A technology that Brid has trademarked under the name VEEPS, allows users to videoconference with each other through a plugin while watching and sharing videos. It’s designed to make watching videos a more social experience.

Several features in allow webmasters to treat their video pages like a business. They can add skins to their video page as a way of providing branding. has some ready-made skins as well as an option that will create a customized skin. All users have to do is enter the URL of their site and will design a new professional skin free of charge. There is support for advertising with DoubleClick for Publishers and the VAST and VPAID standards from IAB.

It may not be fair to ask if will become the next YouTube (NewsAlert), since it’s not trying to be the same thing. For people who just want to put up videos from their latest vacation and not make any money in the process, YouTube and Vimeo will suffice. For others who want their hosted video page to function as part of a business, has a lot to offer.

There are two questions that remain to be answered: Will enough businesses jump on board with to make it more than a startup? And how does make money when it is offering so much for free?

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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