March 27, 2014

Telerik Presents Enhanced Version of Kendo UI HTML5 – JavaScript Platform

Telerik, a provider of UI controls and end-to-end solutions for mobile app development, has released the newest version of Kendo UI, the company’s platform to create HTML5/Java Script apps.

The new version of Kendo UI includes Kendo UI Scratchpad, a new interactive way to work with Kendo UI. Similar to JSFiddle or JSBin, the Kendo UI provides everything you need to build site and mobile apps with HTML and JavaScript in a fast and informal environment.

Kendo UI enables developers to work the appropriate version in other libraries and view results in a variety of form factors. The ScratchPad allows developers to get logins and handles versioning as well.

All Kendo UI Demos can now be opened in the ScratchPad, and developers can fork these demos and use them as a jumping off point for projects.

The new Kendo UI Chrome Inspector automatically inspects a page for Kendo UI widgets that allows developers to view the widget’s configuration, log any events the widgets are firing, and will even debug code to try and find any mistakes made in the code. 

The Kendo UI Web includes a Masked TextBox widget, a Sortable widget, and Grid Frozen Columns. The Kendo UI Notification widget offers the ability to develop a notification and programmatically show or hide it.

Kendo UI Mobile is a framework that enables developers to focus on their app's function and content and let the Kendo UI framework handle differences between platforms like iOS and Android (NewsAlert). The upgraded version of this framework allow then to  use  mobile components outside of the framework as standalone widgets or with a favorite JavaScript library.

While Kendo UI Mobile has had a serverMode for some time, this decoupling allows for greater flexibility in building "static" mobile applications with traditional frameworks like ASP.NET (News Alert) or PHP. It also means that developers can now use Kendo UI Mobile widgets with a different JavaScript framework. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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