March 31, 2014

CSSChopper Provides PSD to HTML5 Services

A good website attracts customers, but a unique and robust one does more- it gives businesses a stronger and longer reach. HTML5 has been officially recommended as the latest standard for website design. Hence any website created in Photoshop or any other open source content management system needs to be converted to HTML. CSSChopper, a professional and well-reputed PSD to HTML conversion service provider, is helping businesses do that.

In the absence of such conversion, data will not be properly displayed properly nor can the website integrate with any theme. CSSChopper has reportedly rendered thousands of conversion services to the valuable clients. Its developers conform to W3C (NewsAlert) standard validation and offer cross-browser compatibility. People in different parts of the world use different browsers and this compatibility help businesses gain an edge over others.

PSD to HTML5 conversion is done using semantic coding techniques. Semantic coding plays a vital role when it comes to conversion of site. It is the semantic codes and tags that assist developers in defining the site’s element easily. Also, such websites show up easily on search engines. The simple coding structure used is apparently easy to understand and of high-quality.

Further proper conversion helps optimize websites and help them load faster. PSD to HTML5 makes websites interactive; helps collect real-time data on visitor trends and capitalize on the analyzed data.

Hence, developers as well as designers are working hard out to come up with solutions that can lead to effective website development.

The primary goal of Web developers is to make websites effective branding and marketing tools. Responsive website design and mobile apps are the latest thing to hit the stands and CSSChopper has professionals that are apparently proficient in designing such websites very affordably.

CSSChopper has Web developers that have expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and XML and are capable of handling clients’ special project needs. Its scalable, secure, business-centric and innovative HTML5 Web development solutions are stated to be very popular with industry verticals.

To create a unique website requires special developers with special experience- CSSChopper believes it has both.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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