April 02, 2014 Gets a Makeover with Better Features and a Brand New Look is the home of the HTML5 Flipbook Maker, which provides a user-friendly interface for creating and publishing easily sharable interactive documents. Users already familiar with the website will find that the site recently underwent a major update, which includes a whole new site design with a much more professional aesthetic. In addition, HTML5 Flipbook Maker now comes with a suite of new tools, making online and offline content distribution more convenient than ever.

The HTML5 Flipbook Maker allows users to convert PDF and word documents into an interactive booklet format, accessible on desktops, mobile devices or any other computing device that processes HTML5 information. Readers can peruse information at their own leisure by swiping at their mobile screen or scrolling with their mouse to flip pages, and developers can include interactive content as well as videos, photos and music.

The interface is simple enough for almost anyone to use, and the applications of the HTML5 Flipbook Maker are well suited for both business and recreational activities. On their updated webpage, Fliphtml5 has added interactive demos and examples, ranging from interactive stories for children and unique wedding albums to online marketing and promotional materials. One auto salesman notes how well the product works for potential car customers, who can choose a car and preview colors right from their smartphones in the lot.

The new features added to the Flipbook Maker include brand new e-publishing software and self-help guides aimed at making users more efficient with their use of the software. The examples added to the website are meant to foster creativity and inspire users to develop an interactive book that meets their vision to a tee. The website even includes YouTube (NewsAlert) tutorials that show users how to make the most of their flipbooks.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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