April 04, 2014

Tidemark Landing In Europe as Savior from Excel Hell

After hours, days possibly, of hard work, you have created workbook upon workbook of spreadsheets. You look upon the reports you have made out of thin air using Excel with pride. Then, an email comes in, there is an entire month’s worth of data that needs to be added to the reports. Welcome to Excel Hell, where you and your fellow denizens are forced to spend hours cutting and pasting new data into all your reports.

This isn’t the only case in which you can find yourself in Excel hell. Tiny mistakes, changes in data, too much data, all these can land you in your desk chair for hours and headaches. Many CFOs know exactly how this feels, tying themselves, and their employees, up with unnecessary tinkering of spreadsheets, all because Excel just isn’t that great. Unfortunately, for many it seems to be the only option.

There is a bright light, programs made from HTML5, making it easy to use on both computers and smartphones, are just sitting there waiting for you to pick it up and erase all your spreadsheet stress. The company that provides them? Tidemark.

About 4 years ago, Christian Gheorghe and Tony Rizzo (NewsAlert), both employees of OutlookSoft, joined together and created Tidemark in Redwood City, California. Gheorghe and Rizzo set out to create a more efficient and cost-effective manner of planning financial matter for businesses.

Today, Tidemark provides American businesses with apps for planning finances, operations, expenses and labor. Tidemark’s platform even goes a step forward and provides metrics management app that allow CFOs to bring in outside data for comparative analysis of competitors, or even benchmarks. The metric management app is customizable, so the CFO can use whatever data they need for whatever comparisons they desire.

Until now, Tidemark’s services have only been available in North America, leaving Europeans stuck in the fiery pits of Excel Hell. However, this is changing, as Tidemark has announced that they will be expanding their operations into Europe. Now, Europeans will be able to climb out of hell and into the heavenly clouds of easily accessible data analysis.

Those services moving over to Europe can also be applied to any cloud networks, meaning the Europeans will be able to use Tidemark even on their own private clouds.

In addition to the services that Tidemark has become known for in the US, Tidemark has recently increased its portfolio by adding an app that helps simplify and coordinate financial consolidations. Europeans will be getting their hands on the new app alongside Tidemark’s other offerings.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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