April 04, 2014

CM Group’s Luminosity Studio to Light up Learndirect’s eLearning Programs

Enabling employees, realizing business value, and accelerating returns have become the primary objectives of organizations, but that won’t happen without constant improvement of skills and learning. learndirect, touted to be the largest online learning provider, is keen on creating high quality, engaging, HTML5 based eLearning programs for them, and has adopted  CM Group’s Luminosity Studio to achieve its ends.

CM Group is well known for its interactive and innovative learning solutions that have been specially designed for large international organizations and its eLearning authoring platform has been lauded by many.

“Following the evaluation of 12 eLearning authoring tools, we chose CM Group and its Luminosity Studio eLearning authoring tool as the ideal solution to meet our needs,” said Mark Marshall, learning technology development and implementation manager at learndirect.

The Luminosity Studio eLearning authoring tool is stated to be one of the easiest to use, requires minimal training and no programming skills. So, anyone in the organization can develop courses and create high quality programs that deliver high-quality results.

Responsive HTML5 content can be created in the cloud using the Luminosity Motion mobile learning platform, while the Luminosity Mentor range of BYOD Apps can be used for offline consumption and tracking. As business needs change, the organization can instantly create and update courses.

“Luminosity Studio has enabled us to create and update our courses quickly and publish them to the highest production standards. It has also enabled our staff to quickly and easily create interactive and engaging learning materials,” observed Marshall.

 As Luminosity Studio uses HTML5 to create eLearning courses, it doesn’t require the use of flash. This means it will be able to support different device types and hence courses can be viewed on laptops, PCs and even iPads, Android (NewsAlert) and Windows 8 tablets.

Authors, editors and subject experts can thus collaborate effectively and efficiently to create rich text, dynamic graphics, animations, audio, video, making the elearning courses interesting and engaging.

There is no end to learning – and learning the Luminosity Studio way will surely ensure that.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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