April 08, 2014

Snowbound Software Updates HTML5 Document Viewer

Snowbound Software has released some new enhancements to version 3.4 of its VirtualViewer HTML5 document viewer.

“This milestone release adds tremendous value to VirtualViewer;" said Jeff Kurson, product manager at Snowbound Software. "The new enhancements offer our customers more ways to streamline their workflow, while also providing our on-the-go clients with a truly mobile user experience."

The viewer has a new mobile interface optimized for touch screens on smartphones and tablets. Mobile users can now annotate and edit documents, as well as use momentum scrolling to navigate. The interface also includes bigger buttons.

Users can also copy text by dragging over it and can then paste it into other documents.

Other features include displaying document properties, such as document size, page counts and file formats. The new version also adds a number of keyboard shortcuts for zooming, rotating, scrolling and printing documents.

"We're incredibly excited to bring our new mobile-enhanced VirtualViewer to our customers," said Simon Wieczner, president and CEO of Snowbound Software. "We have listened to their requests and worked hard to provide a solution that will increase their productivity and capability with both tablets and smartphones.”

As more and more people come to depend on the Web for more things they used to do on the desktop, and PCs start to give way to tablets and smartphones, HTML5 has become an ideal solution for building Web apps. The standard has already seen wide adoption, even before the final standardization by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C (NewsAlert)) expected at the end of this year.

HTML5 first gained wide attention for its built-in support for video after Apple’s mobile devices spurned Adobe Flash, which powers sites such as YouTube (NewsAlert). HTML5 also includes built-in graphics and animation support, as well as data storage. The new version of HTML also features cleaner syntax, making it easier for developers to implement all these new features.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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