April 23, 2014

NTT Communications Now Providing Free Trial for WebRTC SkyWay Chat

International communications business NTT Communications (NewsAlert) announced this week that it has begun a free trial of its WebRTC Chat on SkyWay platform. The company uses the web application to provide businesses with audio and video connectivity through web browsers by taking advantage of the breakthrough WebRTC technology.

NTT's statement reports that its WebRTC Chat on SkyWay offers businesses encrypted, server-free communication that does not log the content of conversations. Noting that its users expect privacy, NTT doesn't intend to collect information about the contents of each conversation, but it does save the beginning and end of connection logs to protect against illegal P2P data transfers.

The saving of data is one feature that NTT said it will test during the free trial. It says it will be "compiling and managing communications logs" and will, at the same time, test its overall system to ensure its future reliability. NTT also mentioned that it will be adding new features to the service as the trial continues. As it adds features, the company will test their reliability and effectiveness for possible inclusion in updated releases of SkyWay.

Individuals who wish to use the service will not need to register with NTT or log in to the SkyWay website to utilize the chat service. They need only open the website and follow prompts to open a conversation.

WebRTC is gaining traction in the business community because it allows employees to connect with one another through simple interfaces directly in their web browsers. They can conduct voice and video conversations in HTML5-compatible browsers without relying on traditional telecom providers to act as intermediaries which previously would have been responsible for providing them with such services. The right web application can essentially turn businesses into their own telecommunications hubs.

Telecoms, on the other hand, are poised to lose ground as WebRTC takes over. With the ability to handle their own communications or seek third-party assistance for servers and information logging, businesses can connect their employees with one another for much cheaper than they could in the past. They can also implement chat services that cater to individual needs as businesses instead of relying on telecoms that may only offer a one-size-fits-all solution for every enterprise that comes along.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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