April 28, 2014

Text Control Creates New HTML5 Web Editing Tool

Text Control has announced its new HTML5 Reporting Roadmap, a Web editor and template design program that will impact the way documents are created and edited for the Web. The HTML5 Reporting Roadmap crosses into uncharted territory, breaking the barriers of all devices and browsers and allowing each to have the same look and feel of Microsoft (News Alert) Word. According to Text Control company president Bjorn Meyer, the new HTML5 Reporting Roadmap will “bring a ‘radical change’ in the way documents will be edited in the browser.”

Text Control boasts that HTML5 is a “WYSIWYG”—a “what you see is what you get” product. No plug-ins are required with the new editor. End users will be able to create, view and edit documents and templates using the standard Microsoft Word features. The new editor supports all common Word features like tabs, tables, headers and footers are supported across Internet explorer, Firefox, Google (News Alert) Chrome, and Safari.

The HTML5 Reporting Roadmap was unveiled in mid-April at a conference, during which Text Control representatives gave demonstrations and allowed attendees to “test-drive” the program. Depicted in the graphic below, this arrival of the HTML5 editor is an exciting change from existing HTML editors.  The new HTML5 editor has an anticipated release date around June 2014.

Image via Text Control

In addition to its HTML5 announcement, Text Control also unveiled a new logo. According to Meyer, it’s the first new logo in more than 20 years. Text Control is a privately held company with years of experience developing word processing and reporting components for Microsoft technologies. The company’s products can be found in many standard software packages and can also be licensed directly from Text Control. Along with its continual development of new technologies, Text Control offers free and unlimited customer support to its clients.  

Edited by Alisen Downey


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