April 28, 2014

Live Browser Helps Create Data-Driven Apps in 30 Seconds

Espresso Logic, a Silicon Valley-based startup providing on-demand access to enterprise data with its innovative, cloud-based Espresso service, recently introduced a new HTML5 product coined as Live Browser.

Live Browser allows companies to create data-driven apps in 30 seconds directly from the schema. It provides an instant out-of-the-box HTML5 user interface for navigating the entire database in a master/detail format.

By using Live Browser, users can explore, interact with and modify data from any enterprise databases, without any programming.

Customizable on-the-fly by both business users and technical staff, the UI offers full reading and editing support protected by Espresso's built-in, role-based row/column security.  A user can customize various elements like column names, column format, number of fields as well as look and feel using his own Style Sheet with your logo and color scheme.

"We can't afford to use yesterday's tools while business moves at Internet speeds," said R. Paul Singh (NewsAlert), CEO of Espresso Logic. "Due to the expense and time it takes to develop out the front-end, there's a huge backlog of internal applications that never get built. Live Browser changes that, by enabling businesses to provide on-demand access to that data right out-of-the-box on any device.”

Live Browser also features Live Messaging, which helps send complete or a subset of the data as a hyperlink to authorized users with both read and update support so that so that one’s sales team can update customer data remotely.

Developers can further use Live Browser to navigate database schema, and understand tables, columns and their relationships.

Company officials confirmed that Live Browser can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises, and its pricing starts at $50 per developer/month, with production systems starting at $500/month.

Few months back, Espresso Logic secured $1.6 million in seed funding from Inventus Capital and other key Silicon Valley angel investors to launch the industry's first reactive logic programming-based database backend as a service.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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