April 29, 2014

Faster HTML5 Hybrid Apps with AppGyver’s Steroids

When Adobe’s (NewsAlert) PhoneGap brought HTML5 hybrid apps to mobile devices, developers hailed it for the simple reason that they could write cross-platform code that was re-usable, but there was a drawback – app development was slow. Not anymore – with AppGyver’s Steroids, creating mobile apps using HTML 5 promises to be a breeze.

While HTML5 hybrid apps have several advantages, they are generally not considered to be on par with native apps when it comes to performance; Steroids reportedly bridges this gulf by allowing developers to build apps by using native UI components, navigation and animations, together with the HTML5 wrapped application. The end result is phenomenal and the hybrid apps are almost indistinguishable from those of HTML5 native apps.

Start ups, freelancers, enterprises and even Fortune 500 companies are using AppGyver’s Steroids to create more data driven apps for mobile devices. These can be used standalone for free or combined with AppGyver’s add-ons, which help users to build their apps faster.

Originally, Steroids was built from ground up by AppGyver, but even when PhoneGap was integrated with AppGyver, developers were still on familiar ground and also had the added benefit of speeding up development times. Steroids uses a QR Code that users can quickly scan to load the app onto their device.  Pushing updates into a device is just a one-click affair and to make changes in the code, they can use the toolset provided.

AppGyver is on a mission to provide complete toolsets for novice and seasoned mobile developers alike, and Steroids is helping to level the playing field by helping both quickly build, test, preview and deploy fully functioning HTML5 mobile apps.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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