May 08, 2014

FlipHTML5 Adds Animation to Its Bag of Tricks

Catalog and magazine publishers can now showcase their products in attractive eye-catching animations, creating a more engaging experience., a Hong Kong based software supplier, has added animation editor features for its PDF to HTML5 magazine converter. This feature can be used to add animation effects to digital images. The FlipHTML5 is available in both Windows and Mac and offers powerful features to create interactive HTML5 magazines and catalogs.

Flip Book supports both forms of animation as defined by the Google (News Alert) dictionary. The first definition depicts animation as a state of being full of life or vigor. While the other definition says it is a technique of capturing pictures of successive drawings or positions of models or puppets to create an illusion of movement when the movie is showcased as a sequence.

Since moving images can easily grabs people’s attention and look more attractive to the eye, adding animation makes flip book software more interesting. Static images cannot keep people's attention in the same way that animation does. The popularity of YouTube (NewsAlert) and similar video sites supports the claim that moving pictures are more engaging.

Animation Editor is one of the most popular aspects of the already compelling PDF to HTML5 software. With FlipHTML5 Animation Editor, users can add rich media to the flip book and make it more engaging and interesting to the viewers. It also enables them to display the flexibility of the media using the Time Line.

When equipped with embed objects, like text and video to display these effects at pre-set times, users are able to deliver professional level projects that were only produced in studio, and required extensive training.  FlipHTML5 brings professional animation to a novice. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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