May 15, 2014

PrintCommerce Offers Some HTML5 Options for Web-to-Print Products

PrintCommerce is a new offering which provides web-to-print products for eCommerce stores. They are built on OpenCart and WooCommerce platforms, and provide many benefits, ranging from personalization and increased efficiency.

The origins of the new offering are found with Design'N'Buy, a New York-based company. Design'N'Buy has offered five customizable, Magento-based, web-to-print solutions.

“After conquering the international market with their All-in-one-Designer – HTML5, All-in-one-Product Designer, All-in-one-Web2Print Designer, All-in-one-Card Designer and 3D Product Designer – Design'N'Buy decided to extend their services with a team of OpenCart and WooCommerce experts specialized in turnkey solutions that enable eCommerce stores to offer personalized products and produce print ready files,” the company said in a statement.

Now, PrintCommerce improves efficiency and lowers costs by using a designer plug-in which is integrated with an existing website. There are no monthly fees, revenue sharing, or contracts.

In addition, among the new options are OCdesigner Flash and OCdesigner HTML5, and two turnkey solutions with a WOOdesigner store: WOOdesigner Flash and WOOdesigner HTML5.

“When deciding between OCdesigner Flash and OCdesigner HTML5, special attention must be given to their differences,” the company explained in a statement. “For example, if the brand's customers love shopping on their smartphones and/or tablets, or the brand has a huge palette of products to offer, the right choice would be the mobile-friendly design studio built on HTML5 with the possibility to sell unlimited direct and personalized products. Design Studio Administration features that include, for example, managing fonts, managing clipart with categorization, setting pricing as per printing techniques, etc., are common for both OCdesigner Flash and OCdesigner HTML5.”

With both, a store owner will get OpenCart features including search engine optimization, as well as sales and product reports.

On the other hand, WooCommerce store owners who provide t-shirts or merchandise products will see that WOOdesigner Flash and WOOdesigner HTML5 would be the better option. 

WOOdesigner Flash features print-ready JPG output. WOOdesigner HTML5 provides print-ready vector output as SVG and PDF. WOOdesigner Flash has a Flash-based design studio. WOOdesigner HTML5 has design studio built on HTML5.

Overall, design studio administration features are found in all four products. They can manage fonts, as well as provide a visual template for personalization. 

Edited by Allison Sansone


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