May 19, 2014

Wheelings & Dealings: ‘Las Vegas From Home’ Enhances Gaming Platform With HTML5

If you're planning on going to Vegas, perhaps it's not the time to pack your bags just yet. A company known as Las Vegas From Entertainment Inc. (LVFH) has made significant improvements to its gaming platform after striking success in Mexico. One of these improvements involves revamping its entire gaming experience with HTML5.

The HTML5 gaming platform will now make it fully operable on mobile devices and has been the most prominent area of focus in the software development department. LVFH's new platform will put mobile devices in the spotlight, allowing gamers to enjoy a selection of casino games more readily in operating systems like Android (NewsAlert) and iOS. The browser-based interface means there will not be any need for app installations, reducing the memory burden on lower-end devices that simply can't hold an infinite number of apps.

This isn't all the HTML5-crazed company is doing. LVFH has also launched the software on a major cruise line and is working on getting licenses for several hospitality providers.

HTML5 has given LVFH and many other companies the ability to easily implement their software practically anywhere. Its simple language makes it easy to make modifications to the interface and compensate for different screen sizes. Putting aside the casino aspect of this company, its marketing efforts have become much easier to manage since there are no pitfalls to implementing its software on different types of mediums—such as hotel computers.

Besides its own expansion into different venues, LVFH has also been licensing its software to third parties like Goldstar, a socially-oriented online gaming company that recently also got a makeover from this ordeal three months ago.

If there's one thing to take from here, it's that you can work faster with HTML5. If you're running a software-centric company, developing an HTML5 platform will make software creation, updates, and marketing run more quickly.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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