May 20, 2014

NetSuite Revamps Cloud ERP Suite with HTML5 User Interface

Cloud business software firm NetSuite (NewsAlert), a global provider of cloud-based business management software, announced last week that it has redesigned its interface using HTML5 technology. The change is aimed at meeting the needs of the wide range of devices customers use to access its systems. When making the announcement, CEO Zach Nelson (NewsAlert) said that the new HTML5-based user interface, which will roll out in NetSuite's 14.2 release in June, will let users navigate and find info more quickly and efficiently than they have been able to in the past.

Nelson described the new look as an "Amazon-like" UI, followed by a "next-generation" business-to-business (B2B) customer care center; the goal is to help NetSuite pull even more companies into its cloud, by offering a product that will allow businesses to manage and track key information in a much easier way. NetSuite has added functionality to support the unique requirements of both B2C and B2B ecommerce from a single platform. These services from a B2B Commerce Center, atop NetSuite SuiteCommerce Platform, for example, will allow B2B companies to have every tool they need to run their customer portals and support modern commerce operations from a single, integrated system delivered via the cloud. It is an apt solution, according to NetSuite, that can power specific business processes or meet industry-specific needs.

Consumers can look forward to a ‘flat design’ with clear, easy-read fonts and features like “a navigational header, a dashboard for personalization, bigger menus and smoother scrolling,” Nelson said.

NetSuite has an integrated suite to run a business with core ERP and CRM functionality that has capabilities to improve performance. Unlike typical ERP and CRM solutions, NetSuite is the industry's first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS (News Alert)) business software that supports companies that look to streamline order management of back-office processes—from sales commission calculation to payment; this is done through the cloud thanks to a powerful business management software solution that can move more business to the faster and more productive online channel.

As NetSuite's general manager for commerce produce, Andy Lloyd, affirms, the B2B Customer Center benefits sellers and buyers alike with capabilities to streamline the B2B commerce experience with complete integration across sales and finance. He adds, “B2B e-commerce is a catalyst for growth that enables companies to reach new customers and markets while improving efficiency across the value chain."

Nelson referred to the B2B Commerce Center as an eCommerce platform that provides users with the essential tools to increase both efficiency and customer satisfaction by completely integrating every step, from orders (to view and track) to fulfillment in carrying out requests, approving quotes, and refunds and returns; all can be done with NetSuite’s ERP/CRM-like functions via the cloud. “As the move to the cloud by companies of all sizes became unstoppable,” he said, the new updates (overhauling the cloud ERP software with revamped HTML5 user interface) comes at the right time as people demand a consumer-grade user experience.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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