May 20, 2014

Newton Debuts New Responsive Applicant Tracking System

Newton, a company offering applicant tracking systems and hiring software for small and medium-sized employers, has recently announced a responsive version of its platform. The new user-friendly, cloud-based hiring platform is completely universal, optimized for use on any smartphone, tablet, operating system and browser with nothing to install or download. Activation is easy and requires little training.

Using the most modern web technologies available, including HTML5,   Newton's responsive product helps hiring managers, recruiters, HR personnel and executives to access recruiting information from mobile devices and screens of various sizes. Newton also empowers employers to easily take control of the entire recruiting lifecycle from job approval to making a hire. Activation is easy and requires little training.

Newton's Head of Marketing and Co-Founder, Joel Passen said that, re-architecting Newton in HTML5 to be responsive has not been easy and they have spent more time on this redesign than on any release in Newton's short history.

“This is an exciting time. Now that Newton has the most modern platform in the industry, we have already shifted our resources and we're developing new functionality that will offer our customers more customization options and new tools that address the problems that matter most in corporate recruiting," added Passen.

The company also assures that its design and product teams will continuously make enhancements to Newton. And, every 6 to 8 weeks new features will be released to improve functionality. Customers receive these upgrades for free.

The new upgrades to Newton's hiring software will emphasize resolving day-to-day recruiting inefficiencies, compliance encounters and hiring workflow issues commonly faced by small and medium-sized employers.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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