May 22, 2014

Caesars Casino Launches 6 New HTML 5 Video Poker Games for Online Gambling

KGM Gaming and SPIN Games LLC have released a new wave of HTML 5 games for the New Jersey Interactive Market. The six games, all variants of video poker, are now available on the popular website, where visitors can choose to play for real money or simply for fun.

According to Jason Peters, president of KGM Gaming, “As a result of this release, New Jersey's online gaming customers can now enjoy all their favorite variations of video poker from the comfort of their own homes. We are thrilled to be able to bring this vast and exciting collection of games to the interactive market.” The different poker games available on the suite include Deuces Wild and Regal Poker, with several variations on both to give players a wide variety of options.

Because the games are available through HTML 5, almost any device with an Internet browser will be able to run the games, including laptops, tablets and even smartphones. While the actual gambling portion of the service is legally only available within New Jersey, this will ensure that those who wish to partake will be able to do so from nearly anywhere in the state. Out of state, players will still be able to play for fun.

KGM Gaming and Spin Games are perfect partners for such an endeavor because KGM Gaming is already at the forefront of the online gambling market, while Spin Games specializes in producing versatile games that fit into the extremely flexible HTML 5 format. Together, the two companies are able to produce a high-quality video poker platform that is easily accessible to the customer.

“These are exciting times for Spin Games,” said company president Kent Young, “as we begin to establish ourselves as a major player in the interactive space. These are only the first of many games to be integrated on the ROC for Caesars Entertainment. We appreciate the efforts and skill of our internal team and that of our partners KGM gaming in getting these games to market.”

Edited by Allison Sansone


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