May 27, 2014

IoT Protection with HTML5

The Internet of Things (IoT) will bring with it billions of connected devices around the world generating massive amounts of data. This will require upgrades in the network, data centers and applications required to deal with the influx of new information coming in 24/7. This is especially true regarding the security these connected devices will need to ensure the data they transmit reaches its destination without being compromised.

KAAZING, a software-based enterprise Web communications platform that enables mobile users, marketplaces and machines to connect and communicate in real-time reliably, has launched the Gateway (News Alert) 4.0 JMS Edition with Enterprise Shield to deliver secure enterprise messaging systems.

This new secure gateway will provide the IoT with an HTML5 WebSocket standard-based duplex solution with near-zero latency and full capabilities. This will include a scalable enterprise-grade SSL/TLS termination, single sign-on, native support for SPNEGO-based Kerberos authentication, fine-grained JMS authorization and unique Shield Agent functionality for B2B security without having to deploy VPN.

Because the IoT will encompass virtually every industry, the communications protocol a company uses must be secure enough to meet compliance regulations in healthcare, finance and other sectors. Whether a monitoring device is connected to a patient or the telematics system of an automobile for an insurance company, the data they transmit must be protected at all times.

This new HTML5 platform will provide enterprise grade protection to connected things and their users from unauthorized access to enterprise back end systems with features that allow administrators to track, measure, and monitor data and message delivery metrics. Additional key improvements in KAAZING Gateway 4.0 include; performance enhancements that dramatically improve latency and reduce CPU usage up to 25 percent; and last-value cache so latest data is always available to all users, no matter when they connect to the application. The KAAZING Enterprise Shield secures enterprise information systems (EIS) by allowing companies to close all inbound ports while still letting clients and applications securely communicate with their back-end EIS

"Using KAAZING Gateway, businesses can extend their enterprise messaging systems to mobile users, marketplaces and machines. The result is fast, scalable and secure enterprise Web communications that enable companies to take advantage of what we call the Internet of Many Different Things," said KAAZING Co-Founder and President Jonas Jacobi.

Every connectivity on the Internet brings with it risks, and when a device is transmitting and receiving data 24 hours a day, it presents a great opportunity for cybercriminals. It is therefore up to everyone in the value chain to address security concerns at all times and implement the latest technology to give you a fighting chance against a very hostile environment. 

Edited by Alisen Downey


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