June 05, 2014

Cybele Software’s Thinfinity Virtual UI Remoting Solution on Beta Release

Cybele Software has announced the beta release of Thinfinity Virtual UI, which will serve as a comprehensive remoting solution that can deliver applications as cross-browser, cross-device Web apps. Customer needs for a flexible and pure Web-based remoting solution is satiated by this new solution.

Gustavo Ricardi, president and CEO of Cybele Software, said, “We developed Thinfinity Virtual UI with the ultimate goal of providing developers an economical yet complete way of prolonging in-house developed Windows applications’ lifespan.”

Thinfinity saves a lot on virtualizations costs and eliminates the need for remote environments like Citrix XenApp or Microsoft (News Alert) RemoteApp. This further reduces maintenance and administration hurdles and IT costs.

Using this solution, developers can create dual-platform Windows/HTML5 applications by the addition of a single line of code to existing projects built in .Net, Delphi (NewsAlert), Visual C++, Virtual Basic and so on.

In addition to allowing these applications to run normally on a Windows environment, Thinfinity also allows them to be installed on a Thinfinity Virtual UI Server environment. Its Windows/Web dual-platform allows applications to be run as usual on a Windows environment, or be accessed remotely from any HTML5-compliant Web browser, explained officials.

Thinfinity is compatible with most Windows development environments and programming languages. It is easy to setup as there is no need for a plugin, add-on, or any kind of installation on the client side.

The cross-browser and cross-OS system can work with any HTML5-compliant Web browser. It automatically uses HTTPS protocol on Android (NewsAlert) native browsers and Microsoft IE9. This applies for other browsers also that lack support for the WebSocket standard protocol.

Thinfinity ensures secure, high-performance Web-based remote access to applications that are hosted on a LAN via a single published IP address, via http(s) and WebSocket protocols. This eliminates virtualization and remoting of solutions saving a lot on additional expenses.

In 2012, Cybele Software announced its production release of z/Scope Anywhere 7.0, the intelligent remote-computing solution for users of IBM (News Alert) mainframes, AS/400, and UNIX systems. The z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 elevates cross-platform, remote computing by providing users of any current technology device, HTML5 browser, or operating system with a secure terminal emulation solution.


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Edited by Allison Sansone


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