June 06, 2014 Unveils the New WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

In April of this year announced that it had registered a total of 958,919,789 Websites, which is short of the billion mark by less than 50 million. That threshold will be achieved in the coming months, and increasingly these sites are being designed to take into account mobile usage. That is because 24 percent of all web activity comes from mobile, with tablets making up six percent of that total. According to StatCounter (NewsAlert), mobile usage is increasing by almost one percent every year, and it won't be long before it overtakes all other online gateways. This means developers have to make mobile web a top priority, and HTML5 is the preferred technology for on-browser app deployment and off-browser for creating native apps., the HTML5 mobile content packaging platform, has unveiled the new WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 to allow bloggers the ability to integrate their site on mobile with greater ease than ever before. This platform gets rid of the issues of having to deal with high development costs, approval processes with various app stores, poor discoverability due to the closed environment of native apps and the burden of having to share revenues for your hard work.

This application changes how bloggers interact with their audience by allowing them to target and reach every user on an HTML5 compatible mobile browser without having to go through an app store and downloading and installing the app. The WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 has many features to make the transition seamless including:

Responsive UI – a user interface that adjusts to different screen sizes and orientation changes.

Theming–which gives the mobile web application a native app-like look and feel. The default theme comes with 6 abstract covers that are randomly displayed on the loading screen to give the app a magazine flavor.

Customize appearance– selected favorite themes can be customized with colors and fonts as well as logos and graphic elements.

Posts and comments sync– posts and comments inside the mobile web application are organized into their corresponding categories, and comments that are posted from within the app are also displayed on the blog.

Analytics – the WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 integrates with Google (News Alert) Analytics.

"When it comes to the Web, certainly responsive web design alone can’t seriously be the final step in the evolution of the Web towards mobile. The Web is bound to evolve into a new and exciting environment, where everything is an app instead of a site, where users interactions are more important than just views and, ultimately, where apps are interlinked into the Web … of apps," Ciprian Borodescu, CEO of, comments.

Apps are commanding more time from US mobile users taking up 2 hours and 19 minutes per day, while the time spent on mobile Web continues to decline. Whether it is individual users, SMBs or global enterprises, mobile apps are driving the interaction of people and organizations. With HTML5 developers will be able to address the needs of both platforms as well as via hybrid apps or HTML5-to-native tools.

Want to know more? Hear from a distinguished group of globally recognized authorities on everything from gaming, to responsive design to hybrid development at DEVCON 5 July 9-10 at the Kimmel Center at NYU. 


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