June 10, 2014

Riaxe Announces HTML5-powered T-Shirt Designer Tool

More and more companies are finding HTML5 helpful when it comes to getting a leg up on the online competition. Riaxe, taking advantage of this technology, has just announced the inclusion of personalized names and numbers to its shirt designer tool thanks to HTML5. By adding this feature to its website, the company can tap into of the growing number of people looking for customizable products, offering customers a wide variety of t-shirts and jerseys that can be printed with personalized text.

Because of HTML5 integration, the website is fully operational no matter what devices are accessing the Riaxe website. This approach is one that has been taken by bigger online campaigns across a number of industries in order to lure as many customers as possible. Whether talking about fast food or retail, there are a lot of reasons why a company would want to turn to HTML5.

The business world has also started embracing HTML5 programming language, and Riaxe is taking advantage of this in a number of ways. Because the site is built using the universal programming language, almost anyone can access it from almost anywhere. Riaxe is also boasting that the ability to put almost anything on their shirts means sports teams are just some of the clients that can take advantage of the service.

Corporations who are looking for a uniform approach to their apparel will also be able to take advantage of the feature. Riaxe is using a version of Prestashop in order to make these fully customizable shirts and jerseys. According to the company, this HTML5 driven tool has a UI that can be updated with the highest number of features in the industry. Bridge Text, Curve Text, Image Masking, Text Masking and Text Art all can be used when making caps, shirts, bags, shoes and even wine bottles.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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