June 30, 2014

Celtra Releases New AdCreator Analytics

Celtra Inc. recently launched the new AdCreator analytics, which now offers cross-screen viewability metrics, accidental ad expansion tracking and performance benchmarking.

With this announcement, Celtra has become the first to provide viewability metrics on both in-app and mobile web environments, with viewability supported across all screens including smartphones, tablets and desktop.

Agencies, media suppliers and brand leaders, with the help of AdCreator analytics are allowed to reliably track viewable impressions and intentional ad expansions, as well as other common metrics, via a comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard.

Officials said that AdCreator 4 fully supports all nine Media Ratings Council required viewability metrics which are exposed on the analytics dashboard, and through the AdCreator analytics API.

The technology also adheres to Interactive Advertising Bureau guidelines for both metrics and tracking techniques used for both browser and in-app.

AdCreator analytics’ new tools will be road-tested by launch partner MediaCom, along with selected media suppliers, to explore and learn more about the impact of cross-screen viewability, relevance and the effect of current guidelines in the advertising industry.

These new metrics will not only provide Celtra’s partners a much better insight into the quality of ad inventory, but also will enable them to use a set of exciting new ad formats, that the company has built using its new ad viewability capabilities.

“Celtra has always been a huge advocate of transparency and fairness in ad space. For our viewability metrics release we've partnered with both media owners and buyers to explore together how ad viewability can improve the quality of advertising not only on mobile web and desktop, but also in mobile apps,” said Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Matevz Klanjsek, Celtra, in a statement.

The new AdCreator analytics also provides accidental ad expansion tracking for mobile ad units to offer even more transparency into ad campaigns. Furthermore, it empowers the delivery of more relevant, effective and engaging content to consumers.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle


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