July 08, 2014

Instant HTML5 Gaming Option is Being Used for Marketing

We all know how addictive games can be. Does anyone really realize how much power games have over us? People spend countless hours playing repetitive games glues to their smartphones.

There have been countless movies where the evil villain is attempting to brainwash and mind control players of video games, but that’s just a movie right? One problem with playing mobile games is that you have to download the game to your smartphone in order to play it. The Apple App Store and Google (News Alert) Play are happy with this concept.

TreSensa is a mobile game development and distribution company. Its main focus is on mobile web games developed using HTML5. The goal of TreSensa is to engage the human senses of sight, sound and touch through the use of mobile games, not just mobile games, but games you do not have to download.

Rob Grossberg is the CEO and co-founder of TreSensa, believes that by using HTML5, developing games that are tap and play, meaning that you do not have to download the game, is the way to go. In an interview with Fox Business, Grossberg said that his company is redefining the gaming landscape by offering tap and play games using HTML5 and mobile web browsing.

This, apparently, is also the way to tie gaming to marketing. You have a captive and well-focused audience who is staring at the screen and taking in what they are seeing. According to Grossberg, there is an opportunity that media companies and brands can take advantage of. They can promote their products using games.

He feels that people are more likely to check out a game if they are readily available to be played. So if you were to get a tweet with a link to the online version of a game you would be very likely to play it. Of course, I would have to think that it would depend on who or where you get the tweet from.

The first company that TreSensa worked with to develop a game and marketing strategy was Progressive Insurance. As Grossberg described in the interview, as you are playing the game you get points for doing things like combining your auto and home insurance together, or bundling—as Progressive refers to it.

You are rewarded by seeing two coins that represent each grow into one larger coin. At the end of the game you have an option to tap and get a quote. In addition, the brand message was very prominently promoted throughout the game which means that people are more likely to remember the brand after playing the game.

Another example that Grossberg used was a game developed with Scooby Doo and Westlemania. This game is promoted by Amazon, so at the end of the game you will see a way of following a link to (News Alert). After you finish playing the game, you may want to purchase a DVD and this is a one tap way of accomplishing that.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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